Is it safe during this pandemic?

Yes, ll the scientific evidence seems to point to the fact that the virus is not waterborne. Perhaps just as importantly, since the water contains 1000 lbs. of salt, there is no evidence that it could survive in such an environment. In addition we have taken extra steps to insure that our customers do not bring the virus into the spa. We require masks. We require that they use hand sanitizer upon entering the space, and of course everyone takes two showers, one before and one after taking the float. In addition we continue our practice of disinfecting the pod room after each float and supplying clean towels for each customer. Safety is #1. And of course we are regulated by the Durham Health Department which requires us to meet their health standard

What do I wear while floating? Do I have to be nude? Yes, you CAN float in the nude! If you want you can use a bathing suit, but it certainly is not necessary. The room is “yours” with complete privacy.

An hour seems like a long time to be in the water. Will my skin wrinkle?

Your skin won’t ‘prune’ in the spa. In fact the salt water is good for your skin.

What do I need to bring with me to float?

You don’t need to bring anything with you, we provide shampoo, soap, towels, and a hair dryer, however…

  • If you wear contacts, you may want to bring a case. Contacts should be removed before floating
  • In winter or cold weather, you may want to bring a warm hat.

What if I have my period, can I still float?

For those who menstruate, you are welcome to float at any time during your cycle, but please use feminine products the same as you do if you were going swimming. Most women choose to wait; please call us if you have any questions.

Can I float after dying my hair?

Yes you can, but please wait until the water runs clear when you take a hot water shower before booking an appointment.

Where did floating come from?

Floating was developed by the CIA in 1954.
Should I shave before floating? what if I have skin abrasions?
Try not to shave immediately before your float or come with open scrapes – salt water can sting.
Will I feel 'altered' or drugged while floating?
Somewhat – this is like Altered States (and Stranger Things!) but you don’t eat mushrooms or lose your grip on reality.
Can I eat/drink before floating?
We recommend no caffeine or heavy meals 2 hours prior (so you can relax!)

What if I can't swim? What if I fall asleep while floating, will I drown?

No, you can’t drown, even if you can’t swim. Your face will stay out of the water naturally and turning over is nearly impossible. If you did manage to turn over, the salt would sting your eyes and wake you up.
Is Floating sanitary?
The spa is cleaner than any pool you’ve ever been in – the float solution is so high in saline that no living microorganism can survive. For extra sanitation, we treat with ozone created by UV light oxidation. The water completely filtered 4 times between floats.

How long are the sauna sessions

We book in 30 and 45 minute blocks of time and you have the room for the time you booked. Please arrive on time or early. We try to accommodate as many of our clients as possible so we book the rooms back to back with enough time in between to clean and get things ready for the next client.
Do I have to shower before floating
Yes, we require that you shower before floating. There will be a shower available in your float room for you to use before and after your session.


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