Is it safe?

All the scientific evidence seems to point to the fact that the virus is not waterborne. Perhaps just as importantly, since the water contains 1000 lbs. of salt, there is no evidence that it could survive in such an environment. In addition we have taken extra steps to insure that our customers do not bring the virus into the spa. We require masks. We require that they use hand sanitizer upon entering the space, and of course everyone takes two showers, one before and one after taking the float. In addition we continue our practice of disinfecting the pod room after each float and supplying clean towels  for each customer. Safety is #1. And of course we are regulated by the Durham Health Department which requires us to meet their health standards.

Why float?

Floating, which is effortless, essentially eliminates the need to “practice” at transcending.

Nothing to learn, nothing to do. The body relaxes completely and the brain is free from all the functions of interpreting and processing light, sound, temperature and gravitational forces and sensations, leaving it to expand into ordinarily inaccessible areas.


How does this work?

Due to the high density of the solution, your body floats like a cork on the surface totally free from gravity. As a result you feel like you are floating out in space.

You are in a pod that is sound-proof and light-proof.   Your cells are bathed in beta endorphins, the natural mood elevators and pain reducers in the body…a beautiful silence is experienced and a lightness of being that cannot be felt in any other way.

Here is a cool link that explains more about floating and the benefits

What are the Benefits?

  • BEAUTY (both within and without)

These and many other measurable effects last during the floatation period and for weeks afterward. The effects are cumulative.

Is it clean?

The short answer is yes. Dissolved in the tank is 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts which provides a bacteria-free environment and is a natural disinfectant. Additionally, the entire volume of tank water is filtered and injected with ozone between uses to maintain its pristine condition.